Wait until you see the elephants in the room, actually at Marula Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, located in Zambia, Africa.  Surreal and beautiful.  This video will probably teach you what to do if something like this ever happens to you when on a wildlife Safari.


Golden Retrievers are gorgeous dogs and definitely very smart and cute. Well and a bit varnish too. Our team found a hilarious video of racing competition for dogs. The task is pretty simple a dog must walk in a straight line without getting distracted…


New Years was spent differently by many people of different backgrounds all over the world. If you where in Dubai you got to witness world record breaking LED displays on the walls of a skyscraper coupled with a grand display of fireworks.

The YouTuber in this video spent her “lonely” time making funny faces instead. Were you lonely on New Years or were you surrounded by crowds of people in the middle of times square?   Whatever your experience was participate in our 1 question poll below (answers are private and results appear after voting)

Screen shot  of youtube description (more…)

The video of this YouTuber posted earlier in December 2014, says in short, that she is hairy, because she does not shave her armpits.  The message could not be more clearer.  Confidence in herself and her natural beauty.  Well, thats what we got from it.  The video description plainly states, “shaving itches.. lol”  [Source: YouTube – Jasmin Art].

Opinions are going to be mixed on whether shaving pubic hairs is necessary or not.   Some may argue, “let her do what she wants, its her body” and others will say, “that’s just poor hygiene”.  Whatever you say, it is her body and she clearly states she doesn’t care if you don’t like it.


Aaron McGriff confesses on camera to shooting Adrian Williams.  He explains further that it was in self-defense.  A lawyer unrelated to the case says that his self-defense confession could help his case in court.   Police requested to obtain the video for the on-going investigation.  See the video report below.

Credit: wcnc.com

  According to the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority, Rihanna is deemed too “sexually suggestive” in her new campaign for Rogue by Rihanna – the fragrance – reports WWD . The advert was on display on elevator doors in a UK Shopping Centre and…


This is something I’m not sure everyone would get away with or can afford to do.  See screen shots of some of the comments below. [source: Youtube – superspeedersRob]

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren vs Corvette



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