This video popped up on YouTube earlier today and the origin is currently unclear.  What you’re about to see is very obvious and hopefully the cameraman made it to safety.  A twister builds up and then ends up moving in the direction of the man recording it.  If you’re familiar with the language, place or story, leave a comment below.


This looks like it was captured on a cellphone in a restaurant.   A woman is shouting at a table of people until a man uses a fire extinguisher to shut her up.  You have to see it to believe it.


Wearables have been on a tough streak lately. You’re either pro-wearables or anti-wearables; there’s really no middle ground. Luckily, they’ve been getting better. With the introduction of Microsoft’s Fitbit , Pebble Steel , and soon, the all-new Apple…


Our sources just found out via High Times.  Note all marijuana aficionados: this pertains to legalizing medical marijuana.  Read more.

The war on medical marijuana is over. Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana. – Bill Piper, a lobbyist with the Drug Policy Alliance

Click image below to read the High Times article.

High Times - Twitter post (more…)

Attorneys walked out of court to stage a ‘Die-in’ for Eric Garner in New York City. (more…)

This prankster walks around with realistic looking scrotums under his chin.  The reactions he gets are hilarious.


Two brothers, one republican and a democrat talking about a documentary called, “WoodHouse Divided” on C-SPAN when Mom calls in and scolds her two grown sons over the debate.  Watch CNN’s Anderson Cooper, commentary on the situation.  Mother knows best.


Baby forced to duck face. Watch the video.


Psy strikes back. Korean pop sensation’s popular video tops out YouTube’s view counter, forcing Google to work on an upgrade. Apparently, Korean pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is the horrendously catchy music video that just keeps on giving. It also…



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